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today i saw one of your tweet where you said if anything something important you will try to convincing yourself rather than building habit 

my question what's your process of convincing yourself ?
In One of your tweet regarding info product you said 


A reliable info product strategy:
1. Find something you know very well. 
2. Share what you know on the internet. 

My Problem is i work as a FE dev mostly react.js over 2 years and still i feel i need to learn a lot more. when i see react lib maintainer in twitter/github then i feel i know very low 

my question is what can i do at this point 
I Don't feel i know react very well 
and as a programmer what can i do if i have a plan to make an info product 

Sometimes your lack of experience can be an advantage if it can make you more relatable to people who are starting from scratch. It can be much easier to learn from someone who had just learned the topic very recently. You don't need to know everything; you just need to teach what you learned, and how you learned it.

Point #2 in that tweet is important because it helps you establish credibility and figure out if people are liking what you're putting out.

Think of this as a business. Instead of selling an object, you're trying to sell knowledge (by teaching). Try to find the people who want to be taught, and try to see what's your best opportunity to teach them.
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