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What's your time management for Circle?

What time do you dedicate in your planning to be on Circle in order to be responsive? Do you have days and times charted out in your calendar so it doesn't start to feel erratic and overwhelming?

Price Perception

What are your thoughts on price perception and using pricing as a filtering system to attract quality buyers? For example I sold something at a lower cost to make it accessible and a lot of my customers told me they had a hard time taking the quality seriously because it was priced so low and shared with me that at a higher price they are more confident they are surrounded by like minded people. I found it interesting. My heart wants to keep pricing low, but I also want to build for sustainability and being able to offer high person engagement so I am not sure which direction to take.  Your profit and loss was low and it made it so easy to purchase so it inspired me to rethink this again. Thoughts?

* adding a cover image to this post just to test it out as it's my very first post on Circle :)
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