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I get the idea of posting what you know and value on twitter but who are you posting it to? if you're starting out with no following, you have to get traffic from other threads first, correct? would it mean posting your value in the commends and threads of other people? any particular kind of profile you want to target? 
Thanks, love the content. 
I’m not Daniel 🙂 but I’ll contribute my perspective since I have the same exact question in mind.
I’m starting with one assumption: it doesn’t matter the topic, people will follow you IF they’re interested in what you say, IF you are providing NOT common insights and information, IF they believe that they can genuinely learn something from you (ie that you’re worth following).
Among all these (important) my view is that the latter is the most significant catalyst to allow the other factors to give you traction.
This in itself will require a catalyst, something that convinces people that you are indeed worth following, so how to do that? We didn’t all work at Amazon or Google and cannot all boast giving up salaries in the hundreds of thousands to pursue our self-employment dream.
Now that is an example of a powerful catalyst: people will instinctively know and be attracted by such a story, I mean who would give something like that up right?
We all need to find our catalysts for something like this to work for us. Until we find that (often by chance) propagating our content and messages about what we are doing and publishing progress and results seems to be worthwhile. Although not a guarantee. Another aspect is what we are ready to share on Twitter or other channels. Fear of exposure can be a blocker.