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How can content creators plan for profitability?

Recently I’ve started writing Medium articles about product design (my profession) and have had surprising success. All of my pieces were quickly published and continue to be well received by readers.

I’m considering being of greater service to the community whilst creating a new source of income. So far I’ve considered placing articles behind the Medium paywall to gauge interest in topics, and then eventually collating  select pieces into a book/s. I also see opportunity to spawn seminars, live and video courses from the content too at a later stage and once it's been validated.

However I am new to content creation for profit and I’m struggling with the financial aspect of it. I was wondering what your thoughts would be around my following concerns:

• All options considered, what are some of the most profitable avenues for content creators?

• What are some of the greatest pitfalls, challenges and obstacles related to those avenues?

• What are some ways to continue to experience financial growth over the long term, avoiding hitting a plateau or tapering down?

• How can content creators transcend from merely creating content to creating an asset that may attract investors?

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