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What is the highest salary tech job you can get living anywhere?

Suppose you want to work as a software engineer.

What is the highest salary job you can get that has no location requirement?

For example, FAANG US may have a US-remote requirement so it doesn't qualify.

Similarly, a good US client may not want to hire you if your timezone is opposite from them.

So what are jobs/companies/clients which pay the highest in this category (no location preference)?

I looked at Buffer's salary for example. It is good but not outstanding.
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Good idea to team up with experienced & domain-expert non-tech founder?

I have had this encounter 2 times in the last 6 months where a domain-experienced non-tech person has reached out to me to pursue his idea.

These non-tech people are usually product lead in their current org and they want to create a product of their own in a similar market.

How should I evaluate these kinds of offers?

They look very tempting since the hard parts, which are product-market fit & distribution seem to be "figured out" (these are product people so they usually have done a lot of research & have a lot of customers as contacts).

But I am not sure how much I can trust someone whom I don't know. Hence the confusion.

Have you been in a similar situation (non-tech product person reaching out to you for partnership)? If yes, how did you handle it?


How to make yourself "want" freedom?

A comfortable paycheck can make you comfortable and you wouldn't want "freedom" that badly.
How to counter this feeling?
Leaving the job seems too extreme.
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If you were in your early 20s and wanted to do a startup, what theme would you go after?

Some trending themes for example are decentralization, ISA (UpSkilling), VR, Resource Sharing (AirBnB, Uber).
Which one would you go after?